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Flower Bouquet


live professional international touring singer

Classical | Jazz | Pop | Musical Theatre | Sacred | Opera


I love Love! Weddings are just magical!

I want to make your day just right musically.

~ Erin           


overview of my services

I provide live vocals for your ceremony, and I will provide backtracks and bring my own microphone and stand. If given enough time, I will also make recordings of your song choices in my studio (which can be used for your wedding video etc) for no extra charge. 


If you prefer live instrumental accompaniment, pianist, harp, or guitarist, I can discuss make recommendations on this and I can recommend musicians. However, especially in light of COVID measures, most are wanting to keep it simple. I sing regularly to backtracks, and can source backtracks or have a track made for a specific song.

In terms of flow, typically people want a special song to walk down the aisle to, one during the signing of the registrar and one for the kiss/walk out. For religious ceremonies, some have asked me to lead the congregation in a hymn. I'm happy to go with the flow or your plan or help to you to create a plan :)

song list

Some inspiration to get you started! CLICK HERE for a good sized list of Classic love songs, pop songs, Jazz Standards, Sacred, Classical and Opera arias and Musical Theatre and even Disney! I'm happy to help you choose, if you're struggling. I have also listed them by genre to make it easier to choose.


music  &  look

Beyond choosing your songs, you will have the option to approve of my backtracks. Of course, if you'd prefer, I can help you to source musician(s) to accompany me, and I could also bring on a duet partner male pop vocalist or a female opera singer (other musicians have their own fees).

Also I will send you photos of my dress/gown options. As I will be apart of your ceremony, I want to fit the look and vibe your going for. So I will ask you to choose your favourite 2 dresses from a selection, and I will wear one of those.


recorded mp3s

I will create a recording of each of your songs selections, if I am booked with enough notice, free of charge. In order to have time to put together recordings, I will require a minimum of 6 weeks. You can use these for any wedding videos or to add to your future playlists. I have a recording of the singer I had at my wedding, and I love listening to that recording, as it brings the memory of my wedding day right back and it's wonderful. So I want to share that gift with you too!

my fee

$600 CND

Fee for performance for your Wedding Ceremony of up to 3 songs of your choice with backtrack, microphone and microphone stand included

Additional songs in English are $100 each. Additional other language songs fees TBD

For locations further than 100km from Maple, ON, it will be an extra $50 per 50 km

A 50% deposit is due upon booking, payable by etransfer, mailed cheque, or cash.

You can pay the whole amount upfront if you prefer to not have to deal with money on your Big Day. However, if you prefer to wait, you can pay the remainder on the day.

my requirements

- Email & Phone number of your DJ, Master of Ceremonies and/or Venue

- Email & Phone number of your Officiant/Priest

- A copy of the ceremony script (optional)

- a chair, a glass of water, and a clean bathroom or room to change

I will need to be in touch with your DJ, Master of Ceremonies or Venue, so I can connect to the person running sound. I will arrange with them when to run soundcheck before your Ceremony to ensure that everything is running smoothly and sounds good. I will also sort out with them my technical needs (amps, cords, mixers etc). I typically perform with a microphone & microphone stand (which I provide), but it will need to be connected to a mixer and amp. Depending on your song choices, in a Church or similar venue, sometimes amplification is not needed.

I will need to understand cues to begin (who is cueing a song start, or is the Priest/Officiant going to introduce song etc) and understand your ceremony flow. I understand these things feel overwhelming to most, but I'm used to working in spontaneous settings, and you can let me know the day of.


My non-tech requirements are simple: a chair (or a pew) nearby to where you would like me to sing, a glass of water where I am sitting (if your ceremony is outdoors, this may also require a table), and a clean bathroom or room to get changed for before and after the ceremony.

 my singing

videos of solos performed as apart of a ViVA Trio in the

ViVA gone Virtual series

Opera, Pop and Musical Theatre

Skip to 3:25 seconds for song

Skip to 0:40 seconds for song

Skip to 0:50 seconds for song

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